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August 31, 2013
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You turned to see Jack standing in the doorway. He had bandages wrapped around his chest and stomach. "Jack..." You said and ran up to him and hugged him gently. "I thought you..."

"No... Slendy saved me from death..." He looked at you and smiled.

"I'm just glad your okay..." You said tears running down your face.

"Jack..." Autumn spoke. "I'm sorry... That I almost killed you..."

"It's fine. I know you wouldn't have done it unless you really went insane." He laughed a bit and looked back at you. "I know you couldn't hurt, ________.... In such a way."

She laughed. "Your right... I couldn't hurt her in such a way..." She looked at you and Jack as you two just stared at each other smiling. "If your gonna kiss then do it." You two went a slight pink. Then Jack leaned down and kissed you. You stayed like that for a bit before you both pulled back. You could hear Jeff and Slendy talking in the hallway about something.Jack could hear them, too. "Hm... What are they talking about?" You whispered to Jack.

"I don't know..." He said wondering himself. "Let's go check." You nodded and followed him into the hall. You two got closer and closer just til you could hear what they were talking about. It turned out they were talking about your best friend, Autumn.

"What do you mean she's pregnant?" You heard Jeff say. "She can't be pregnant already..."

"Jeff... Immortals become pregnant faster than mortals... and she's immortal now." You heard Slendy reply. "I felt the presences in her body when I was bringing back her sanity."

"Hm? Wait a minute... did you say 'presences'?" Jeff asked.

Slendy sighed and replied. "Yes... Jeff... She's going to be having triplets..." Your eyes widened. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. You friend is now pregnant with triplets. Slendy continued to talk. "She's going to have to stay here... and so will, _______... She's gonna have to help her through it along with Jane and Pinkamena."

You blocked out the rest of the conversation and headed back to the room your friend was in. "What are you doing?" Jack asked.

"I'm telling Autumn the news... I want to be the one to do it not him..." You said coldly. You walked into the room to see your friend laying down on the bed. "Hey."

"Hey..." She replied. She didn't sound good.

"Are you alright?" You asked.

"No... I feel sick..." She replied.

"I can tell you why you feel that way... Do you want me to tell you?" You asked. She nodded as you sat down on the bed. "It's because... your pregnant..."

You friend looked at you with shock. "I c-can't be pregnant... Me and Jeff only had sex a few hours ago...."

"Immortals become pregnant faster than mortals." Jack said. "And your immortal now."

"That's not all though... Your having... triplets..."

"Triplets..." Your friend's eyes widened. She was afraid you could tell it by the tone in her voice. "I made a huge mistake..." She said to herself, closing her eyes.

"But I'm staying with you..." Your friend opened her eyes and looked at you. "I'm not leaving you alone to deal with this on your own... and you'll have others to help you, too..." You smiled.

"Yeah. We'll help in anyway we can." Jack said smiling. Jeff walked into the room along with Slenderman.

"So you told her already?" Slendy asked. You nodded and smiled. "So you understand you'll have to stay with her, right?"

"Yeah. Plus I get to be closer to Jack..." You said blushing lightly.

"Alright then. You two will be leaving to go back and gather some things from your houses. Jeff and Jack will go with you and Jack you can take those bandages off now. You should be healed by now." And with that Slendy left the room. Jack removed the bandages and threw them away. You looked at him and blushed. Your friend giggled as she noticed you blushing.

"Someone likes what she sees." She said sitting up.

"Hm?" Jack looked at you as you looked away. He laughed a bit. "You'll be seeing more than this some day. You know that, right?" You didn't answer but your face went a slight red. "Come on. Let's go to your house and get your things." Jeff and Autumn stayed there and talked some more while you and Jack headed back to your house. It was starting to get light out so you grabbed whatever you could and packed it in a suitcase. You grabbed some thing like clothes and things your friend gave you or might want. Jack offered to carry your stuff for you and you let him.

When you got back Jeff and Autumn were gone but Slendy met you at the entrance of the mansion. He told you that you will have to sleep in Jack's room for the night til he gets your room ready. He whispered something to Jack making him run upstairs.

"What's that all about?" You asked.

"Well... If you want to live here your gonna have to be immortal." Slendy said. "And there is only two ways to become immortal... Kill someone... or have sex with someone who's already immortal. And if you have sex with them it has to be without a condom or it won't work..."

Your eyes widened. "N-no way!"

"I'm sorry it's the only way. If you choose not to... You will have to die and I don't want to hurt Jack's feelings by killing you... Now are you gonna become an immortal or not?"

'Damn...' You thought. 'I have no other choice...' You headed upstairs to Jack's room.

"There's a 50-50 percent chance you'll become pregnant though." He said to you.

"I just hope I don't become pregnant..." You whispered to yourself walking to Jack's room.

As soon as you walked into his room you saw that it was dimly lit and clothes were on the floor. You closed the door behind you and locked it. You walked towards the bed looking for Jack. You soon felt a presence behind you. You turned to see Jack without clothes and he was smiling wide. Your face went bright red. "You ready...?" He didn't even give you time to answer before he slammed his lips on yours. This kiss was way different from the others. You two stayed like that for awhile before he pulled back and took off your shirt. He kissed you again but licked your bottom lip. You didn't want to let him in. He growled but got a plan. He reached up and unhooked your bra and let it fall to the floor.

You pulled back and covered your breasts. "Now, now, babe... Uncover your 'girls'..." He said smiling. You shook your head. "Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way..." He pushed you down onto the bed and got on top of you.  He grabbed ahold of your arms and pinned them down. "I didn't want to do this, you know... But you forced me to..." He kissed you again this time more roughly. He licked your bottom lip this time you let him in not wanting to make him mad. He licked around the inside of your mouth before wrestling with your tongue. He pulled back and looked down at your breasts then back up at you smiling. "Time to have some fun with your 'girls' ~"

You gasped as Jack moved down and and started sucking on your breast. "Jack..." You moaned out. He let go of one of your arms and messaged your other breast. You moaned his name louder. He eventually stopped and took off your pants and panties. He laughed a bit. You looked down at his manhood and your eyes widened. You didn't look at his dick earlier but now that you had you wish you didn't... He was freaking huge!

He looked at you confused but soon figured out why your eyes widened. "Don't worry... I'll go slow..."

"Alright..." You said as he positioned himself.

"You sure your ready for this...?" He asked.

You nodded. "Yeah... Just go slow like you promised..." And with that he slowly pushed his manhood into you. You gasped. He started slow at first but slowly went faster. You moaned out his name everytime he went faster. "Jack... Faster..." You moaned out. He did as you wished and started going faster. Making you moan louder. Jack continued to go faster and faster but eventually went harder. "Jack~ Harder~" You moaned out. Jack started to slam himself into you harder and harder by the minute.

"HARDER~" You screamed. Jack was going as fast as he could and as hard as he could now.

"I'm bout to..." Jack moaned loud and cummed.

"Ah~" You screamed. 'Well... I know I'm not a virgin anymore....'

Jack got off of you and layed down next to you. You turned and snuggled close to him. He looked at you and smiled. You two were both exhausted. You looked up at him and he smiled. "You... should sleep... now..." He said panting. You nodded and closed your eyes. He closed his eyes, too. And soon you two were fast asleep snuggling each other.
I'm gonna repost this cause I love my watchers that much but if it gets taken down again I will post it on tumblr.
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