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I'm obsessed with Jeff The Killer do you have a problem with that?
I also love Homestuck! X3
My fav troll is : :icongamzeeplz:


I love Gaara, Zetsu, Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, Sasori, Kisame, Tobi/Madara, Itachi, and Pein they are so hot :3 :iconcutegaaraplz: :iconpeinrapefaceplz: :icongaaraplz: :iconitachiplz: :iconzetsu2-plz: :iconkakuzu2-plz: :iconhidanplz: :iconleaderplz: :icontobiplz: :icondeidara2-plz: :iconsasori2-plz: :iconkisameplz: And yes I know I'm obsessed about the Akatsuki. I am now also into South Park! But my number one fav is Kenny! <3 :iconpervykennyplz: :icondancingkennyplz: :iconkennyplz:
I'm now also into F.E.A.R. which my fav is Paxton Fettel! ~ I'm also into CreepyPastas now. I just thought I'd add that to the list. But my number one favorite is Jeff the Killer. :icongotosleepplz: :iconjeffomgyayplz: :iconjeffomgwantplz: :iconjeffpedosmile: :iconumadjeffplz: :iconjeffthekillerraveplz: :iconjeffnotkillerraveplz: :iconjefftardguitarplz: :iconheygurlplz: :iconjeffgumpyfaceplz: ~ I also like Slenderman, Masky, Hoody, Smile Dog, Tails Doll, Eyeless Jack, Lost Silver, Glitchy Red, and Ben.


Random Sketches
Got bored and doodled some stuff while I thought about upcoming pictures! I also have some others to work on and finish! I will work on some tonight!

Here are what the sketches are:
Popplio and Mimikyu from Pokémon
My friend :iconcreeperchild:
Birthday Boy Blam from ONAF
And lastly Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theater
Rowan The Deerling
Someone's OC I drew for a contest/raffle on PokeFarm Q! I know it isn't out there but I did it last minute sadly... Well, I hope you enjoy it!!

This person, :iconthraimir: , owns this cutie. .3.
You know... now matter how happy I may seem... I always have a sense of lonliness... Like... something is just.. not here like it should be. But it isn't their fault, some people just can't stay up cause the timezones are different or they have very important things they must do such as school. I get that... but even then.. some part of me misses the one thing I always enjoyed... Which was staying up late and talking with someone til we both fell asleep... Man, I really do miss it... I am not sure why I love it so much... I don't think I ever will know... Maybe it is because of how lonely I feel or maybe... I just felt that was a time... we could say or do anything... without a care in the world.. share even the darkest of secrets... or do what we wanted and not have someone try and ruin it.. I wish it could be like that again.. I really do... It might never be like that... not for a long time... eventually I am gonna accept it... Because I have to. I can't have things the way... I want it to go. My life had been nothing but... careful steps and taking it slow... following what life threw in my way... and when I finally get what I want... I am gonna have to go through challenges to keep it! Which I fight so much to keep what is mine... I always use to let things go so easily but.l this is the one thing I simply can't afford to lose... I worked for too hard and got so attached. Weither it was a stupid idea or not... is unknown to me.. I could lose this one thing at any given moment but I haven't yet... not during the summer... not even to now... I still have it... Despite how broken it may be... it is strong... It has come so far.. It never gave up... and I won't either... but I want my lonliness to fade and become a distant memory... I shouldn't feel lonely.. I have what anyone could ask for.. but I never took any of it for granted... Not once... but I know someone... who deserves it... way more than me right now...
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Autumn Stalling
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
There isn't much you need to know about me other than I love to draw. My interests change all the time. Right now it's set to Undertale and FNaF (This includes the fangames as well!) . I also do art trades and requests. So tell me what you want. But ask me first. I am also not dating anyone. If only dreams could become reality.

I also run the ask page known as :iconflumptys-crew: which is based on my own AU sort of thing... if you wanna ask the gang question go ahead! You never know what their answer could be!

Okay, decided to list all requests here, much easier to keep track:

Birthday Present For Friend (Sketching)
PapyrusXRebecca NSFW (Sketching)
(Anime) FlumptyXBirthday Boy Blam NSFW (Not Started)
(Anime) FlumptyXGolden Flumpty (Sketching)
(Cartoon) Grunkfuss SOLO NSFW (Sketching)
(Anime) Big BoyXFlumpty (Not Started)
FlumptyXCaeshi NSFW (Not Started)
Phoebe Upper View DIGITAL (Started)
Ghost Flumpty (Sketching)

If I forgot any, please! And I mean, PLEASE, tell me!

Stamps I like or are about/explain me:

CPConfession: Shipping by xioccolateCP: Creepypasta Badass Trio Stamp by xioccolate Jeff The Killer and Slelderman by British-Prophetess stamp by Spikytastic jeff da killa stamp by x-nauts About the killer OCs by Pixelated--Coffee -Reupload- MMD Creepypasta Gentleman Stamp by Toto-is-bored youshouldn'thavedonethatSTAMP by Sweekun MLP Stamp: BrainBrainBRAINS by XxoOjunefoxOoxX MLP Stamp: Murdershy by XxoOjunefoxOoxX [please let this die] by rachelhi Stamp: MLP Cupcakes Fan V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69 Some prefer watching the show... by AwesomeLurker Stamp: Healthy Brony by Otakon7 stamp: Robbie The Rabbit by MelonFoxJozei [STAMP] Gore Games by Emfen Homestuck: Nepeta Leijon by Kopaka13 Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Homestuck Stamp: Smilies by Kitsumon Homestuck Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja Why I love Homestuck by underseagalaxies Gamzee FaYgO stamp 2 by ParamourxLights :thumb214303888: Mambostuck Gamzee by UsagiGami Gamzee Opens A New Bottle Of Faygo Stamp by iiDria Gamzee: TOSS ME A SALAD by 8-BitFerret pArTy TiMe HoNk HoNk by UsagiGami One night at Flumpty's stamp by DominoBear I support Birthday Boy Blam stamp by Creeperchild I support Flumpty stamp by Creeperchild



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